Why are you here?

You want help and you want answers. It is no secret that narcissism has victimized you in some way.  It has been a long journey, but you are here because you are ready. You are ready to face the challenge of getting help that is right for you.   You are here not as a quick fix but as a means of self care. You are here for you as you realize that you cannot do this on your own.  With all the information you have gathered so far, you need more as you need to put the pieces together and find not just a way to cope and manage; but you need a way out. You are here to face the pain, and come out of the conflict, clean because you know you are not alone. You are here because here you are supported, here you are validated. You are here because you know here is where hope rests and it is here, where you can find comfort and heal from the many forms of narcissism.

How can this book help you?

  • This book examines narcissism not only from a clinical perspective but also from a biblical one also.

  • This book shares with you knowledge and insight that allows you to understand this personality disorder not from an internet perspective, but from a personal one that looks deep into science and human nature.

  • This book focuses on how to heal from narcissism not just bring attention and awareness to a growing epidemic.

  • This book is a work book that allows you to spiritually connect to yourself once again in a way that keeps you from further victimization.

  • This book allows you to heal through your journey as you understand yourself, those you love and the people you interact with daily.


Bought the book and want to join the e-coaching series?

 The book itself has enough information to get you started, but like all self help information, sometimes it has to be personal and with that comes added insight.

Life coach and author, Shannon Gilmour has put together a series of videos that offer added insight THAT YOU WILL NOT FIND IN THE BOOK. Enjoy the videos as you work at your own pace and find womanly support guided with divine direction that offers you hope, healing and restoration.

To discover if this e-coaching series is right for you, please book your free consultation with Shannon today, see the link below.

Watch the first video that accompanies the first chapter in the book. When you sign up for the e-coaching course you gain full access to all the videos and articles. Enjoy. 

Meet your life coach, Shannon Gilmour

 Shannon Gilmour is a woman on a mission. It is her life's goal to see individuals healed as they become saved through the grace of our Lord Jesus. Shannon has delved heavily into bible study and has made it her life profession to help you understand the bible correctly as applied principles to life hacks were achieved for her through personal experience.

Hacking life isn't rocket science, but when our human nature is placed up against the science of biology and quantum physics, suddenly life becomes more interesting as it draws you closer to understanding why it is we act in the ways that we do.

Shannon's approach is a new form of psychology as it is Biblical based backed up with scientific evidence, as there is nothing hidden from ourselves that God does not want us to know. The knowledge is for us to learn, grow and share and together we become the house that God our Father in heaven built.

Shannon Gilmour began her studies through homeschooling, and writing. She is a self published author and hosts podcasts online through Spreaker. Trained in Peer support counseling and crisis outreach,  for over 20 years, Shannon combines all her talents and skills to help you address real issues that matter most to you.

Designing You

Dynamic woman is a website that was created from Shannon's personal injury experience of dealing and healing from trauma through God's loving word. Through this web portal Shannon discovers insightful messages that offer comfort and understanding through the value of her personal experience.

Discover your place in this world as a Dynamic Woman and take back your right to live in health, security, knowledge, wisdom and integrity while healing so that you can give to others your best as God continues to give His best to you.

Dynamic woman has a blog! Enjoy insightful biblical teachings that touch the heart of every woman, to enable you the strength and courage to be the woman God called you to be.


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